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  • Definitions
    • Excused - The absence must be submitted (planned absence form) at least 24 hours prior to that day's practice, and discussed with the coaching staff.
      • When applicable, excused absences should follow with a note from a doctor (required), teacher, etc.
      • If you are absent from school, you are not allowed to attend practice.  You must still submit a planned absence form prior to that day’s practice.
      • Do not assume that an absence is excused.  What might be excused in your mind, might not be excused in the mind of the coaching staff.
      • Four excused absences will result in an unexcused absence.
    • Unexcused - An absence that has NOT been discussed with (and excused) by the coaching stuff.  An absence that has NOT been submitted in advance online.
      • Missing practice due to a detention is considered unexcused.

    Discipline Procedure for absences.

     1st Unexcused Absence
     Athlete will not be allowed to compete in the next meet.
     2nd Unexcused Absence Athlete will be dismissed from the team.

    • The first official day of practice according to the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) calendar is Monday, August 3rd.  Starting August 3rd, all practices are mandatory.
    • According to the IHSAA an athlete must have 10 practices completed on 10 different days to compete in their first meet.
    • An athlete must be at practice on time.
      • If you are 1-15 minutes late this is considered tardy.  If you are more than 15 minutes late this is considered an absence.
      • 2 unexcused tardies count as 1 unexcused absence.