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Summer Training

One of the most important parts of Cross Country is to have a solid summer of training.  The goal is for you to come into the season fit and in shape.  The basic scheme for the summer is to carefully build your volume (mileage) for the fist part of the summer and then phase in quality-transition workouts over the second part of the summer.  During the first part of the summer, we will do strides, and brief speed work to increase the quality of our base building (strides and brief speed work maintains form efficiency and therefore leads to quicker maintenance pace runs).  Each week of the training program has a mileage goal to achieve.  Do you best to get into this range.  This is just a recommendation; we understand that some weeks you might come up a little short, and other weeks you might go a bit over.  

Proper pacing during your Cross Country training is essential for reaching your full potential.  Your current fitness level is one of the primary indicators of how fast you should be running on any given day (this varies based on what the workout is).  Practicing training at proper paces will be a focus point during summer conditioning, and will carry into the Cross Country season.  If you aren't sure what pace you should be running, please talk to one of the coaches.  McMillan Running Calculator is also a good resource to help determine your proper pacing for your runs/workouts. 

During the summer we will do a lot of stretching and injury prevention strength work.  We will also hit the weight room to improve our form, efficiency, and strength.  Don't skip the lifting; it will make you faster, and improve your durability.  For core exercises, please do a mix of static exercises (like bridges) and active exercises like sit-ups with twists.

Please select the training program that best suits your needs (please feel free to talk with one of the coaches if you aren't sure which program would be best for you).  You may need to adjust the dates because the programs were written for the summer of 2012.
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

It is important that each and every team member is held accountable to herself, her teammates, and her coaches for getting in their training over the summer.  In order to do this, it is your responsibility to keep track of your training.  Please use the online training log to track your mileage.

The goal of the summer is to get through phases I and II on the chart below. 

The workouts outlined above in the Summer Training Programs will help to accomplish this goal.

During the season, we will make it through Phases III & IV.