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There are several different objective when stretching.  The first objective and type of stretching is done to prepare for a run.  Before runs and workouts, we will do the dynamic warm-up.  Dynamic stretching prepares (warms up) your muscles to move comfortably.  The second objective is to increase your range of motion and flexibility, and thereby improve your running form and efficiency.  Static stretching is done after running.

Dynamic Warm Up
  1. Knee to Chest
  2. Shin Grab
  3. Quad Pull
  4. Unilateral Pike
  5. High Knee Step Out
  6. Punter Kicks
  7. Jogging High Knee Step Out
  8. Carioca (each direction)
  9. Windmill Skips
  10. Butt Kicks
Static Stretching
Hold each of the static stretches for a count of at least 50 seconds.  Push the stretch to the point where you feel a "stretch" occurring, but not to the point of discomfort.  Over time, the degree of your stretch should improve.  Do the series of stretches twice.  You should feel improved flexibility the second time through the series.
  1. Modified Hurdler's Stretch
  2. Hip
  3. Cross Legs Hamstring
  4. Quad Leg Tuck
  5. Hamstring Rope
  6. Hip Flexor

Rope Stretching
The rope stretching routine is designed to be done before practice (prior to the dynamic warm ups).  You can also do these as static stretches after practice or before bed.
  • Hold each stretch for 1-2 seconds
  • Return to starting position and relax for 1-2 seconds
  • Repeat 8-10 repetitions
  1. Bent Leg Hamstrings (belly of hamstring)
  2. Straight Leg Hamstrings (glutes)
  3. Straight Leg - to opposit shoulder (wrap rope outside of leg - toes out)
Hurdle Mobility Drills

  • Over/Unders
  • Walk Overs
  • Walk Overs Backwards
  • Hurdle Skips - Knee Up (A Skips)
  • Hurdle Skips - Straight Leg (B Skips)