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This summer, we will lift twice a week; first a heavy session, and second a balance-endurance lifting session.  All summer the heavy lifting day should be followed by a recovery run.  Don't do a long run or a workout the day after lifting heavy.  If you can, after lifting heavy, get your legs in cool water.  A swim or dipping your legs will help you recover much quicker.  After the balance-endurance lifting it is a good idea, but not as critical as after heavy lifting.

Each lifting routine will make you a better runner.  In their own way, each lifting routine will improve your power, form, and endurance as a runner, thus making you and the team faster.

Heavy Lifting

The objective of the heavy lifting routine is to increase muscle strength over the summer by increasing the weight that you lift every two weeks.  By increasing muscle strength, you will improve you muscle endurance and thereby your running endurance.

Most lifts are done in two or three sets of a percentage of your maximum.  Your maximum is the amount of weight you can handle, completing the set, but struggling to do so.  Every two weeks, increase your maximum and correspondingly, the percentage of your maximum you lift in the first and second sets.  If you are unable to finish the maximum set, continue using that weight as your maximum until you are able to finish the entire maximum set.  Then increase your maximum target the next time you lift.

Lower Body
  1. Squats - two legs
    • 10 x 90%, 10 x 90%, 8 x 100%
  2. Leg Extensions
    • 10 x 90%, 10 x 100%
  3. Leg Curls
    • 10 x 90%, 10 x 100%
  4. Toe Raises
    • 15 x 80%, 15 x 90%, 15 x 100%
  5. Leg Drives (weight resting on knee)
    • 10 x 80%, 10 x 100% - Each leg
  6. Step Ups (legs at 90 degrees)
    • 10 x 80%, 10 x 100% - Each leg
Upper Body
  1. Bench Press
    • 10 x 80%, 10 x 90%, 8 x 100%
  2. Arm Swings
    • 100 x heavy weight
  3. Medicine Ball Twist
    • 2 x 20
Balance-Endurance Lifting
  1. Bench Press
    • 10 x 50%, 100 x bar (when able to complete 100 x bar, add weight)
  2. One-Leg Squats
    • Body Weight 3 x 10 each leg
  3. Lunges
    • 3 x 10 steps, body weight
  4. Step Ups (medium height)
    • 2 x 50 each leg, body weight, quick
  5. Lateral Leg Lifts
    • 2 x 10 each leg (add ankle weights as able)
  6. Core Work
    • Your choice; make difficult