Dunes Trip

Tuesday, July 22nd (originally scheduled for Wed, July 23rd, but changed to due to potential weather complications)
  • 8:00am - Meet at the High School (Optional...School transportation will NOT be provided.  Please arrange for a ride.  This is will be discussed Monday morning.)
  • 9:00am - Arrive at the Indiana Dunes (Kimel Beach) (please familiarize yourself with location and directions)
  • 9:15am - Run (4.5 mile loop...some may need to add on to hit their mileage goal for the day)
  • 10:15am - Beach Time
  • 11:00am - Head to Valpo for Food
  • 11:30pm - Food at Noodles
  • 12:30pm - Leave to head back to CPHS
  • 1:30pm - Return to CPHS (estimated)
  • Cost - Lunch - $10 (approx)
  • There are not showers, but you may want to bring a towel and change of clothes/shoes since we'll be stopping for lunch on the way back.
Kimel Beach Driving Directions
  1. Starting at Interstate 94 and Indiana 49, go north about 3 miles to U.S. Highway 12.
  2. The exit to U.S. Highway 12 is on the left.
  3. Go right (east) 3 miles on U.S. Highway 12 to East State Park Road (also known as Kemil Road).
  4. Turn left (north), go 1 mile. The Kemil Road Access Point will be on the right (east) side of the road.