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This summer/fall, the Crown Point High School Girls Cross Country Team will be conducting a fundraiser to help with program costs.
  • The goal is for each athlete to generate at least $300.00 in sponsorship money.
  • The fundraiser will go from Thursday, July 25th through Thursday, August 8th.
    • Any donation received after August 8th will not go to the individual athlete.  The entire donation will be put towards the cross country program.

In order to raise money for the program, and the individual athlete, we will ask businesses and/or individuals for their financial support.  Sponsors will be recognized in a variety of different ways based on the amount of their donation (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, etc)

Benefits to the Individual Athletes

  • The first $100 that the athlete earns in sponsorship revenue will be credited directly to the athlete’s team fees and gear order
  • Additional sponsorship money that is generated will be split 50-50 between the cross country program and the individual athlete. These funds can be used to offset the team fees and gear order.
  • Any sponsorship money that goes beyond the team fees and gear order will be credited to the athlete in the form of an Extra Mile gift certificate.

Steps to Follow

  1. Give prospective sponsor the fundraising letter.
  2. Explain how their sponsorship will benefit the CPHS cross country program, and their business.
  3. Explain the different sponsorship levels, and ask them if they would be interested in making a donation.
  4. You can either collect their donation at that time (recommended), or you can have them mail in the fundraising letter form and a check.  If the donor would prefer to mail in the letter and check, you may want to provide them with an addressed and stamped envelope.
Crown Point High School
c/o Coach Piaskowy
1500 S. Main St
Crown Point, IN 46307

  1. Sponsorship checks should be made payable to "Crown Point High School".
  2. Make sure that your name is written on the sponsorship letter where it says “Name of the Cross Country Runner that you are sponsoring”.
  3. In the event where your sponsor wants a receipt, please have them include a note with the check/letter and one will be mailed from CPHS.
  4. Get as many sponsors as you can!