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Marathon Prediction 2012

On Sunday, October 7th,  Coach Piaskowy and Coach Hattendorf will be tackling the marathon.

Coach Piaskowy will be running the Chicago Marathon. 

Coach Hattendorf will be running the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, MN.

In order to generate some excitement for the event, we have decided to have a prediction contest to see who can come closest to predicting our times.

Here is some information to help with your prediction.
  • Men's Marathon WR is 2:03:38 (Patrick Makau)
  • Women's Marathon WR is 2:15:25 (Paula Radcliffe)
  • Last year's Chicago Marathon winning time was 2:05:37 (Moses Mosop)
  • Last year's Twin Cities Marathon winning time for women was 2:28:24 (Yeshimebet Bifa)
  • Average Chicago finish time from last year was 4:41:00
  • Average Twin Cities finish time from last year was 4:20:14
  • Coach P's PR is NR
  • Coach H's PR is 2:48:46 (Chicago 2009)

The person who predicts the times closest to the actual finish times will receive a prize.

* Entries must be submitted before 7:00am on Sunday Morning

* You will not be able to view others' predictions until after the event